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Machine Autoclave Cutting and Sterilization –
The new standard in hazardous waste disposal.

Hospitals, Medical Practices and Centers, Laboratories, Veterinarian Facilities and Military Services, but also Airports, Hotels, Cruise Ships and many more – there are a lot of places where hazardous waste must be safely disposed of. An Autoclave sterilization with integrated shredder is the best way to feed hazardous and medical waste through a normal disposal process by reducing the volume and disinfecting with steam. This protects the environment sustainably, saves money and makes MACS the perfect alternative and addition for all areas of application.

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Environmental technology 4.0

Machine autoclave cutting sterilization sounds simple. But indeed it isn’t. Years of science and product developing, optimizing and manufacturing, the EET invented the most reliable, eco-friendly technology to convert highly infectious waste into municipal trash. A clever as smart software combined with high end engineering enables incredible results and facts. Completely without any chemicals, MACS run straight mechanical in symbiosis with a special thermal performance process. Highly efficient, extremely economical and on top of that, onehundred percent reliable. Free of emissions, enormously low water consumption and a minimal ecological footprint distinguishes the MACS technology.


In contrast to conventional sterilization methods, MACS save energy, costs and time. Due to the MACS special low speed and the sophisticated technology, engine parts are extremely spared. MACS` operating and maintenance costs set new standards in ecological waste management.

  • Reaching SAL -log48
  • Minimal ecological footprint
  • On-site solution
  • Low water consumption
  • Totally emission free
  • Low speed
  • Reducing volume up to 97%
  • Absolutely chemical free

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MACS Series

MACS 135

SAL -log48
45 Kg / Cycle
300 Liters

MACS 300

SAL -log48
90 Kg / Cycle
600 Liters

MACS 800

SAL -log48
240 Kg / Cycle
800 Liters


SAL -log48
450 Kg / Cycle
1.500 Liters