Team Spirit

Ermafa Environmental Technologies GmbH, with headquarters in Vienna and manufacturing facilities in Vienna and Chemnitz, is one of the leading manufacturers of autoclaves for the treatment of hazardous waste. With our product line MACS we have redefined the field of waste sterilization and with decades of experience in the field of machine and plant engineering, the environmental aspect is always our top priority.

We have made it our business to develop and provide novel environmental solutions in various fields. The respectful handling of natural resources and our contribution to environmental protection knows no limits.

Karl Pölzlbauer

Stefan Fuhrmann

Christoph Feucht

Andrea Kutiak
Assistance to the management

Qi Xiong-Halbhuber
Purchasing Manager

Susann Böhm
Project Management

Igor Taraschuk
Technical Engineer

Bilgehan Demirkale
Technical Supervisor

Jeannette Knoll
Team Assistance
T: +49 371 64613090
M: +43 664 88862514

Nikolaus Hofer
Chief Sales Officer
M: +43 664 888 625 38

Tom Daxbacher
Sales Manager Europe
T: +43 664 264 25 71

Federico Matos
Sales Manager Latin America / the Caribbean
T: +43 681 843 366 19

Ahmed Rashad
Sales Manager
T: +20 122 558 15 00

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