EET Ermafa Environmental Technologies GmbH
2. Haidequerstrasse 1-3 | Object 36
1110 Vienna | Austria

Commercial register
FN 487982x
District court of Vienna, Austria

Sale tax idendification number
ATU 736 275 14

General contact

Authorized representative
Executive director: Mr. Karl Pölzlbauer

Content responsible
EET Ermafa Environmental Technologies GmbH

Liability notice
In spite of restricted control of the content, we will not have any rights for the correct external links. For the content of the linked pages are the same who have their rights.

Legal notice
In the event of domain disputes, competition law or similar problems, we ask you to contact us in advance to avoid unnecessary legal disputes and costs. The cost of a legal warning without prior contact with EET Ermafa Environmental Technologies GmbH is regarded as unfounded in the sense of the duty to minimize damage.

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