The MACS Mobile division has been developed for mobile use in disaster control and epidemic prevention and enables aid organizations and rescue teams, among others, to provide rapid and safe assistance worldwide. In addition to the diesel generator, a specially developed osmosis system for drinking water purification offers self-sufficient operation. In close cooperation with experts and after meticulous analysis and several technical refinements, this new generation of mobile autoclaves is the non plus ultra in terms of resource management and robustness. These systems also stand out for their functionality and compactness and are particularly efficient due to their mobility. Ready for takeoff…

MACS MOBILE is the largest autoclave in the range. It processes up to 450 kg of hazardous waste per cycle. In the medical sector, it is suitable for facilities with up to 1,500 beds.


  • 1.500 Liter
  • 450 kg*


  • In 24 h bis zu: 1.800 kg**
  • Pro Jahr*** bis zu: 450 Tonnen
  • Ecological and economic added value
  • Supports the circular economy
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Saves energy, costs and time

* Kapazität pro Zyklus
** Basierend auf einer durchschnittlichen Dichte von 0,1-0,3 μm
*** Basierend auf 250 Tagen Betriebszeit

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