Environmental protection
Sustainable treatment of hazardous waste
Saves energy, costs and time

Sustainable treatment of hazardous
waste with MACS

Many facilities produce hazardous and infectious waste which must be disposed of safely. MACS rely on a smart technology and sustainability: hazardous waste is mechanically shredded and sterilised directly on site. The resulting drop is completely decontaminated and can easily be disposed of as residual waste.

Hospitals, medical practices and centres, laboratories, veterinarian facilities and military services, but also airports, hotels, cruise ships and many more – there are a lot of places where hazardous waste must be treated in a professional and environmentally friendly manner. MACS autoclaves offer an immense economical advantage: By neutralizing all germs, viruses and bacteria on site, cost-intensive transports of dangerous goods are no longer necessary. Additionally, cross-contamination is excluded. Fluids and food can be processed efficiently as well.

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MACS autoclaves offer an enormous economic added value: By neutralising all germs, viruses and bacteria on site, cost-intensive transports of dangerous goods are no longer necessary and offer an enormous CO2 saving potential. In addition, cross-contamination is excluded. Furthermore, liquids and foodstuffs can also be treated highly efficiently.

Advantage: With a volume reduction of up to 97%, costs, energy and time are saved enormously. All in the interest of the environment and the operator. In addition, MACS support the circular economy. Valuable resources can be sustainably separated and returned to industry without generating CO2 emissions.


SAL= 10 0
in 10 minutes
SAL= 10 0
in 20 minutes
bis zu 0 KG
infectious waste per cycle

Machine Autoclave Cutting Sterilization

MACS set new standards in ecological and sustainable waste management. Hazardous waste is converted into safe residual waste. Using a special thermal sterilisation process combined with mechanical shredding, no additional chemicals are needed.

The volume of waste is reduced up to 97 percent. The integrated smart software ensures an efficient operation. MACS are characterized by zero emissions, low water consumption and a minimal carbon footprint.

The MACS technology is certified by the German Robert Koch Institute, it reaches a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) up to Log SAL = -48. It surpasses the standards of WHO, which require -6log.

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