Virtual reality and digitalization is not only integrated into our manufacturing industry but is a fixed component of the MACS After Sales Service&Support service. In close cooperation with a renowned technology company, our development team has produced a service tool of the extra class. Welcome to the MACS digital world…

MACS Virtual World

Augmented MACS Reality

As part of the new “MACS Technical Information System”, the newly developed application enables interactive access to shared documents and content in the service area. Our engineers can provide step-by-step instructions and visualize schematic drawings directly on the user’s data glasses display. To increase the visibility of details, views can be shared and enlarged on demand. Optionally, it is possible to document issues in real time while a camera is used to capture photos and videos. Content sharing state of the art…

Virtual MACS Reality

With our MACS AR App you can enjoy an exciting technology with entertainment character. Here you can make our MACS Series appear virtually in the room and operate it yourself on your tablet or smartphone. Simply download the app, follow the initial information and off you go…

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